Success stories

Featured Athlete: Casey Adams

I started CrossFit in 2013 and it is hard to imagine a future in which it does not play a part in my life. I have always exercised in some way since I started athletics in grade school, but I realize now I never truly understood what it meant to be fit and to be an athlete. My fitness level and body were not really changing in any meaningful way. When I started to hear about CrossFit I became excited about trying something new and possibly finally seeing some change in myself. When I first signed up I was worried it would be too hard, I wouldn’t be good enough or that I would just feel embarrassed around the more experienced athletes. Luckily shortly after joining I realized that none of that was true. The workouts were scalable to fit what I was capable of and the other members and coaches were more than welcoming, helpful, and motivating. I can’t believe it has been over seven years since I started, and I am excited about continuing to grow through CrossFit Mid-County.

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