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Featured Athlete: Brittnay Condron

My name is Brittnay Condron and I am honored to be CrossFit Mid-County’s featured athlete for April. I have been doing CrossFit off and on since 2012. I always came back to it for the diversity of the workouts, the way I’m challenged as an athlete, but more importantly, the community. As a woman who knew very little about free weights, the regular gym was pretty intimidating to me and I found myself mostly going to the classes that were offered. Those soon became repetitive and I never felt like I was being pushed. All of those things were remedied when I joined CrossFit. You are competing against yourself but also you are pushed to go harder by the people around you who are also cheering for you. The community demands your best because they know you can. There is no support system like it and I am forever grateful for this community and the lifelong friends it has given me and lessons it has instilled in me.

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