Featured Athlete: Amanda Orta

When I come across someone I haven’t seen in a while, their first question is always, “ How have you lost so much weight?” After I tell them about CrossFit and how my life has changed, it never fails, they want to know how I can do it with my back. After two back surgeries, within four years of each other, I had spent the past decade of my life in constant pain. The damage to my lower spine and nerves to my left leg left me feeling defeated and convinced I couldn’t do anything. After gaining over 70 lbs in a year, I was talked into coming and trying the free class on Saturday. Let’s be honest, it was terrible. I hurt before, during, and after the class. What wasn’t awful was how understanding the coach was about my limitations. She listened and modified the workout, without making me feel like I was being lazy or not trying as hard as the others. It has now been seven months and I’m ecstatic about the 67 lb weight loss, but more importantly, I’ve never felt stronger physically and mentally. My balance is still embarrassingly shaky and I still have challenging days, but CFMC has changed my life. It doesn’t matter how I ended up here, what matters is that I found everything I needed….an outlet for my pain, a support system of friend and coaches, and most importantly, a new me.


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