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2 – 8 – 12

Skill:   Max efforts:

  • Pull ups
  • Shoulder to OH (135/95)

WOD:    2 rounds:

  • 1 mile run
  • 50 push ups
  • 50 KB swings (55/35)

– Post loads, scores and times to comments –


23 thoughts on “Equal=same”

  1. 42 Pull-ups (PR by 8), 10 Shoulder to overhead RX
    WOD: 27:54 RX
    2nd mile took way too long.
    Also, forgot to list goals for 2012:
    60 pull ups unbroken
    Free standing HSPU
    5:30 mile
    360 degree trunk twist
    Improve deadlifts

  2. Max efforts
    Pullups: 12 (8 rep pr)
    Shoulder to OH- 8 rx
    Wod: 33:58 RX
    Dee killed it today. It was her first time to do unassisted pullups and she got 8!

  3. 17 pull ups… It was just an ehh day. I just decided, ok I’m done.
    Then 8 in the shoulder to oh rx
    The ln the workout was funny… I accidentally ran 1.2 miles on the first one. Dropped to my knees on push ups because keeping your thighs off the ground is killer. Then all the kb swings rx and unbroken.
    I love working out with Dee and Lauren. Looking up from the pain I’m in to see them pushing and feeling the same paingranules me that we aren’t in it alone.

  4. Just got a chance to look through the last few days of WODs and it looks like everyone has been killing it as of late. I’m almost adjusted to my new position at work, as soon as I get back from Houston next week, I’ll be back at the box regularly…….Keep up the good work everyone!

  5. Ok max effort, Pull ups…….1!! Tore the hands right back open just trying to kip.
    Max STOH 8 rx
    Wod: 37:06. (55#)kb switched to 45# for the last 40 reps. I hate to say this but the run was the easy part.

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