Eff the picture!

7 – 2 – 12
Take 12 minutes to establish a 3RM STRICT Weighted Pullup
– then –
5 rounds:
200m run
10 absolutely Vertical KBS (55/35)
15 burpees
* rest 2 minute between rounds


10 thoughts on “Eff the picture!”

  1. Skill- 3 dead hangs with a blue band.
    WOD- 29:10 70#kb, and 15 burpees for rounds 1&2 then went to 10 burpees for rounds 3,4,&5.
    Congrats to Martin for the unassisted Dead Hang Pull Ups!!!!

  2. Hey guys!!!! Miss you all! Hell yeah Martin that is awesome!
    Drew….try living in it!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ def worth it!
    And we will be doing the same wod as y’all tomorrow so it would be awesome if you guys could comment on our blog. We are trying to get more ppl involved w it and I think tomorrow would be a great day to show them what it’s about! They have a Brian and Sabrina doing burpees incentive :). Thanks guys!

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