Curtis who?

11 – 23 – 11
Skill:     Bear complex  7 – 7 – 5 – 3 – 1
What is the “Bear Complex” you ask?

  • clean
  • front squat
  • push press
  • back squat
  • push press

– bar cannot be dropped in mid set; only touch-and-go
– increase weight each set
WOD:     5 rounds:

  • 15 pull ups
  • 10 curtis p’s (95/65)
  • 5 bar-facing burpees

50 walking lunges (25/leg)
– What is a Curtis P?    clean, lunge once/leg, jerk = 1 curtis p
– 50 lunges will finish the WOD; go straight into them immediately after your last round to finish the WOD. Time will end when last walking lunge is complete
– Post loads and times to comments –


48 thoughts on “Curtis who?”

  1. CrossFit Beaumont will have a 6am, noon, and 5pm class if you guys don’t want to suffer through this shit storm! OUCH is all I can say about this workout

  2. I was introduced to this Curtis P… And as hard as it was, I LOVED this WOD. Yea, I griped the whole time, but it was worth it lol
    Warm up 45-65-75-85-95
    26:07 RX
    Yummy food!!! Casey is one blessed fella!

  3. I was there along side Marc and I agree. Good thing Brittany brought her puppy and paleo treats to bring a ray of sunshine into the gym.

  4. bear complex- 45 65 85 115 115
    WOD- 20:45 75# (shoulda gone heavier)
    first time I’ve done an entire WOD doing butterfly pullups, they are a lot faster

  5. WOD: 22:14 75# this wod sucked! And I’m retarded and lost count a few times in this wod. Burt you were a friggin beast on the pullups bro! I tried to catch you but you were just to damn fast! Good job! Stefan… I hate you…

  6. 45-95-105-145- tried 195 but couldnt lock it out at the top of the 2nd jerk
    24:24 rx it was so hard to keep count this morning my mind wonders way to much to keep track of that much

      1. only reason you say bad call is cause i didnt lock it out if i would have got it it would have been holy shit. and the 45 was a warm up cause this is like the 2nd for me to do bear complex so i really didnt know what i could do. dont be mad because ppl actually post on our web site

  7. 45,50,55,65,95 on skill
    26:00 (50#,purple/red) that was the first time I did Curtis P and all I can say is I did not like it!!!

    1. Aww u never met Curtis b4?? The first time we met him it was .. 1 mile run, 50 Curtis p’s @ 95#, 1 mile run…. Not a great time!

    1. Well done Jason, that is how you increase weight each set. This starting at 45 and ending at 195 is classic sandbaggin’.
      You too alan! 65-205…start heavier!

  8. Thanks Miranda. My problem is I was so excited to finally get my unassisted pullups, but im scared to use them in a workout. Guess ill just keep workin’ at em.

    1. Start small and work your way up! You can start with one round on a wod like this… then try more on the next wod. Youve got the strength! Face your fear chicky!

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