Click Clack

Skill- Tabata 2 for 1 wallballs 20/14
**2 for 1 wallballs add an extra air squat while the medicine is in the air. They require a lot more speed and coordination than regular wallballs. Practice reps with a lighter medicine ball to get the rhythm down.**
AMRAP in 8 minutes-
10 air squats
10 push press 95/65
at the end of the 8 minutes immediately take of on a 800m sprint.
Three different scores for today-
lowest tabata interval
rounds of the AMRAP
800m sprint time
-post scores and your favorite halloween costume at the party to comments-


10 thoughts on “Click Clack”

  1. Because I have zero pride, I’m going to post my scores. 6 weeks off and a C section obviously do a number on your body.
    Tabata wall ball: 2 (6#)
    Wod: 5 rounds (40#)
    400m slllloooowww jog- no idea. I was just focused on not tripping over my jello legs.

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