Christmas in October

Muscle snatch (no re-bend of the knees) 1-1-1-1-1
Power snatch (receive the bar in the power postion)  3-3-3-3
Squat snatch (receive the bar in the full squat) 5-5-5
For the power and squat snatches these are not touch and go reps. Take time to reset your feet, hands should stay on the bar. No more than 5 seconds rest between reps. Rest as needed between sets.
If you are still struggling with the snatch use this day to work on technique. If you can power snatch just fine and have issues with weight overhead in the squat snatch, devote some time stretching. Toes to wall, butt to ball works well as well as squat therapy.
Conditioning- Tabata Double unders.
ANY PAST MEMBER CAN WORKOUT THIS WEEK FOR FREE! Come in and check out the new place!

*Don’t forget about our Saturday stretch class every Saturday at 9am. Please give us your feedback from this last week’s class, and for future ones.
*We will be hosting the Barbells for Boobs WOD on Saturday, October 20!! Come support and get a good workout in!! Stay tuned for more events to come!!
** CrossFit Bridge City is hosting a Halloween Bash on Saturday, October 27!! Visit “CrossFit Bridge City Halloween Bash” on Facebook for more details!!!


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