CFMC 2.0!

A big thanks to EVERYONE who helped out this weekend!

Skill- Deadlift 7-7-5-5-3-3
increasing weight as the reps decrease

each movement a full tabata interval.
Tire flips
Tire jump through
Sit ups
DB Snatch alt arms
no more than the prescribed 10 seconds rest when transitioning between the movements
Score is the lowest number achieved per interval for each movement added together.
We have moved to our new location where Canal Street meets Twin City Hwy
Also ANY PAST MEMBER CAN WORKOUT THIS WEEK FOR FREE! Come in and check out the new place!
*Don’t forget about our Saturday stretch class every Saturday at 9am. Please give us your feedback from this last week’s class, and for future ones.
*We will be hosting the Barbells for Boobs WOD on Saturday, October 20!! Come support and get a good workout in!! Stay tuned for more events to come!!
** CrossFit Bridge City is hosting a Halloween Bash on Saturday, October 27!! Visit “CrossFit Bridge City Halloween Bash” on Facebook for more details!!!


5 thoughts on “CFMC 2.0!”

  1. Skill: 2×7 @ 225, 2×5 @ 315, 2×3 @ 365
    WOD: SU- 9, DB- 7 (55#) TF- 3 (big tire), TJ- 5
    Going from the dumbells to the tire completely messed up my 1st flip time.

  2. The new gym looks awesome! Great job guys!
    Skill 65, 85, 90
    Hollow rock 6
    DB row 5 (25#)
    Situps 9
    Push-ups 7

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