Skill- OHS 5-5-3-3-3
increase weight each set
4 min-
100 double unders then max effort OHS (95/65) with remaining time
rest 2
4 min
400m run then max effort pull ups
rest 2
4 min
500m row then max effort burpees
score- max efforts at each station
The Olympic weightlifting class is still every Saturday at 9am. One hour a week dedicated to O-lifting, we all could use the extra technique work, I hope to see you there!
December 8th- Pub run to benefit Toys for Tots, if you can’t RSVP on the Facebook page, go over to CFB’s blog and leave a comment on the post if you plan on attending.
December 15th we will be doing a workout at CFMC to help raise money for Stephanie’s cousin who is battling cancer. More info on this coming soon.


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