Bye Justin Talley

7 – 3 – 12
AMRAP in 20:
200 m run
5 OHS (115/85)
10 box jumps (30/24)
15 KB swings (55/35)
– Post times and scaling to comments –
We will be closed all day Wednesday for July 4th. We will have the 6 am and 11 am on Thursday July 5th, but not during the evenings. We will resume normal classes on Friday the 6th.


32 thoughts on “Bye Justin Talley”

  1. We will be doing the same wod as y’all tomorrow so it would be awesome if you guys could comment on our blog. We are trying to get more ppl involved w it and I think tomorrow would be a great day to show them what it’s about! They have a Brian and Sabrina doing burpees incentive. Thanks guys!
    And Justin I gotta say in excited you and Sam will be that much closer to us!!!!! Oh 12 rnds!!!!

  2. 4rds+run #65 ohs #45kb. Super fun in a sick twisted way! Perfect way for Justin to go out!!! We will def. miss you but wish you the very best in NOLA!!

  3. Ok I changed mine to 65# and got 5 rnds. This was a good going away wod! Oh and CrossFit AZO is doing it at some point today too. An awesome guy and coach named Jason dropped in for three weeks and their wod today is coaches choice. Check them out too!
    And I don’t blame Stefan for the picture not being of Talley, he is IN JAX BEACH…….WITH MARC SPINX…….AND LOTS OF SHOTS.

  4. Can’t wait to try this one out at Steadfast today! Sabrina, what time do we get to see you and Brian do burpees? I think ya’ll should do them at every class, so everyone who participated can see. ; )

  5. 4 Rounds + 100M Run w/ RX-Run, 95#OHS, 24″ Box, 55#KB. This WOD was much harder than it looked, Enjoy!!!!

  6. I saw this last night and was thinking this was what we were doing in Bmt and was mentally prepared only to see this morning that we’re doing a totally different wod. I may try to make 530 and do this rx.

  7. Sabrina- it’s so good to see your name on our blog again 🙂 I wanted to do this at 6am before I left for the airport, but it didn’t happen. Gonna miss you Talley! Good luck with everything!

  8. 5rds (75# ohs/ 45# kb)
    Dominated the last round!
    Me and Kenny didn’t know it was a “race” talley!

  9. I on the other hand got humbled again on a WOD b/c I had to drop to 95# ohs after the first round… Couldn’t keep my balance
    WOD …. 5 rnds plus 200m at 95# for 4 rnds

  10. Thank you to everyone that came out today. It has been awesome working out and coaching everyone at CFMC I will truly miss all of you.

  11. Also thanks for all the support guys! All the posts on both sites were awesome! Made my day 🙂 miss you guys.

  12. Talley it was great to meet you! You are an awesome coach and person. We will all miss you. Hope to see you soon!! Good Luck on the move!

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