15 minutes Snatch technique work from the hang.
 If your form looks good continue to add weight. If form breaks down (not achieving full hip/knee extenion, don’t catch bar with elbows locked out, bar getting away from the body, bending arms early, not landing on heels, feet too wide, etc) remove weight.
10 minute AMRAP of:
15 Over-the-Platform Burpees 24/20
(jumping over the box)
20 KB Push Press 55/35 (10L/10R)
Post time and loads to comments


16 thoughts on “butterfly”

  1. Ran a 5K today. What was I thinking??
    33:07 I know it’s slow, but that is a 3min 39sec pr for me.

  2. nice jason. me and your bro did this at noon at cfb. i struggled with the press and him the burpees. way to rx

  3. Good first day back….. I guess…. 2 rounds and 3 burped box jumps 20 inch box jumps and 25 # kb.

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