But I liked it!



9 – 23 – 11

WOD:     5 rounds:

  • 400 m run
  • 20 box jumps (24/20)
  • 40 DUs

– Post scaling and times to comments –



10 thoughts on “But I liked it!”

  1. Thanks Jason! It was good seeing you
    Worst warm up ever…LOL
    Had a great work out, not crazy about but time, but I got through it!
    29:29 (3x singles)

  2. Worst Warmup Ever: w/ partner row 2K for time switching every 500m. The team with the worst time gets rewarded with a 25 burpee present… great work 11am! (The burpees got distributed to the rest of the group [hooray for sportsmanship!])

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