blue bell

5 rounds resting 3 minutes between rounds:
20 pull ups
30 pushups
40 situps
50 squats


39 thoughts on “blue bell”

  1. I see. Pick the fat Guy for the “BLUE BELL” WOD. And coincidently, my mom’s name is Barbara. Lol

  2. BeckyReddoch

    blue bell because Burt has a serious addiction lol, pretty sure it has NOTHING to do with you, Jason.

  3. dang its going to be a week or so before i will get a chance to make it so save some good ones for me burt, which i know is not a problem. lol

  4. a little FYI jus smokin catering (our company) are going to be at the river fest in port neches this weekend selling crawfish, pulled pork wraps, and blackened catfish wraps come out and see us i will be there all weekend

  5. Never have done this wod! And prob want be there tomorrow. On another note, Allsport Crossfit is hosting a “my mommy’s stonger than your mommy” competition if any of u moms want to compete. It’s June 23 and u can sign up on their website. Your just have to be a mom. If it’s your kids or step kids any mom can do it. I’m all signed up!

  6. I wish I wasn’t so sore I couldn’t walk today. I’ve never done Barbara. I…wait…who’s got Blue Bell?!

  7. This was the first time I have even done this WOD and I was unable to finish in the 40 min cut off. Got 4 RDS plus 20 pushups. This WOD is legit!!

  8. I finished in 35:55! The only thing I scaled were the pushups, I dropped to 20 after the first two rounds! I LOVED this workout!

  9. 4 rounds at 31 minutes.. Then had to leave due to time.. Really wanted to finish
    I think Burt’s warmup should count as one round!

    1. i apologize, i should have started this workout a lot sooner this morning, and you dont want to go into the workout cold bro!

  10. 39:25 rx
    push ups were my downfall, last three rounds i could only do 2-3 at a time.
    Sucks having to wait 3 minutes and watch your time get worse and worse, i really liked this workout though.

  11. This could be one of the hardest workouts Ive ever done…….seriously
    DNF- 4rds plus 15 sit ups rx
    thanks Stefan for meeting me.

  12. Dnf… Did the extra on my own clock ended at 48:12 rx.
    Does not have to be counted though since I decided to finish after the cutoff.
    Pushups were hell…still!

  13. Barbara was a tough old broad!!!!
    WOD 34:13 rx
    I had to push like a mother to stay in front of Stefan because he was bound and determined to catch me. I was able to get him by 16 seconds but When I finished I just want to crawl up in the fetal position

  14. 28:something
    Did half of everything except the sit ups.
    I also rested the whole 3 minutes when I should’ve cut that in half too since I did half the work. =
    But what I really should’ve done was RX it.

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