Blood, sweat, tears, and …

Isn’t that cute

In 10 minutes:
300 m run
5 burpees
10 situps
300 m run
– Begin with the run, come back inside and get as many rounds as possible of the burpees and situps while allowing yourself enough time to finish the last run within 20 seconds of the 10 minute mark
CATCH: must finish last 300 m run within 20 seconds of the 10 minute mark (so no sooner than 9:40 and no later than 10:20) Failure to do so will result in a 30 burpee penalty … gotta use your noggin 🙂

Blood, sweat, tears and friends! Yes CrossFit is a great place to come get your butt kicked with an awesome workout and see great results, but we also enjoy the community! Meeting all the new people and seeing our athletes get to know each other is something we look forward to everyday. When you come to class and see someone you don’t know, introduce yourself!! The back room isn’t only for the “What is CrossFit” or “Nutrition” talks; it’s also there for all of you to hang out and chill after a workout or even if you’re not working out at all and just want to drop by and say Hi! Bottom line: you’re welcome to hang out!

p.s. we have wi-fi ….


9 thoughts on “Blood, sweat, tears, and …”

  1. Is it bad to say that I’m going to do this today by myself? Especially after all this talk about community?
    It’s a good travel WOD, and I’m traveling. See y’all Friday or Saturday.

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