Making it look easy

Skill- tabata medball cleans 20/14
score is lowest interval
5 rounds:
10 ground to overhead 95/65
20 wallball 20/14
30 situps
ground to overhead can be a snatch or clean and jerk, the bar needs to start on the ground and end up locked out overhead.
Don’t forget to RSVP to Pub Run 4.0 Benefitting Toys For Tots if you plan on attending. We will have someone from the Toys For Tots program meeting us at the beginning of the run to collect toys. Hope to see you all there!
FREE ON RAMP classes starting this Saturday at noon. We will have them every Saturday from now on. Must be a group of at least two people.


9 thoughts on “Blazor”

  1. Thanks Lauren! I’m taking donations for the “transfer burpees to cfb” fund. Who’s got $5 for me to workout in Beaumont instead?

  2. Nice Vick. Happy Birthday!
    Yet another RAFFLE that I am doing with lots of goodies. Not for school though. I have a cousin with Cancer that has spread. As a family, we are trying to raise money for his medical bills. If you want information, find me. I would greatly appreciate it.

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