Bill Gate'n

15 minutes Tall Clean Practice
The tall clean is simply the third pull of the clean. It is begun with the lifter standing tall with no bend in the knees; some coaches will start the movement with flat feet and others on the toes. From this tall position, the lifter begins transitioning the feet from the pulling to receiving positions while pulling under the bar aggressively to receive it in the full front squat position.
Remain with very light loads on the bar and focus on speed under the bar.

3 rounds for time of:

7 Hang Squat Cleans @ 155/105#
21 Burpees
35 Double-Unders


8 thoughts on “Bill Gate'n”

  1. WOD: 15:40 (135#,3x singles)
    Started off with 155 HC, but after the first two I had to pull the weight off. This was heavy…Props to DJ and Vick for RX’n this one!!

  2. Thank you Steph ๐Ÿ™‚ that means alot. Definitely dont feel like the same person anymore, but just glad I can still come in and wod with you guys.

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