Big Poppa

March 9, 2012
(No this image has nothing to do with the title, but its cool either way)


Tabata of each:

  • Sledgehammer Swings
  • Double Unders



  • Burpee Tire Jump Throughs
  • Kettle Bell Swimgs (55/35)


9 thoughts on “Big Poppa”

  1. Love this pic of us…good times!!! And I guess she felt since her pic was up today she had to be extra super awesome! You rocked at rxing 12.3 this am! Also great job to Casey and Lance this morning. Burpee tire jump throughs actually look really fun!

  2. 6 AM-ers been sleeping in lately? Been kinda barren the past couple of days.
    WOD: 8:11 rx
    Big shout-out to Brittany, who RX’d 12.3 today. Effort, determination and solid technique (thanks to some great coaching) were all on display. Rep 123 was just as solid as rep 1.

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