*sniff sniff* I’m so proud of you guys *tear*


11 – 7 – 11

Skill:      Max unbroken reps:

  • thrusters (95/65)
  • dead-hang pull ups

WOD:       “Jackie”

  • 1000 m row
  • 50 thrusters (45/30)
  • 30 pull ups

– Post loads, scores and times to comments –


16 thoughts on “Beyond”

  1. 12 thrusters RX (lame), 15 DHPUs (ok)
    WOD 8:29 RX
    like a seven minute PR from when i first started, I shoulda pushed it a bit harder on the row and thrusters though i want to get it in that 7 minute range

  2. There’s gotta be more people who do Crossfit lol POST!!!
    So proud of all you ladies! I love watching the determination!!!

  3. Thrusters.. 15, lost balance b/c wasn’t holding it in the rack position, got on my toes and dropped it
    Dead hang pull ups.. 21
    Jackie.. 9:30, not real happy with that b/c I’ve done it in 8:44 before…

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