beginning of the end

thats a quality snatch
April 16, 2012

DeadLift 5 x 5 at 65%  of your max (all sets will be touch and go, and unbroken)   then…
AMREP in 1 minute: DeadLift (155#/105#)
15 minute ladder:

  • 2 push ups
  • 4 kettle bell swings (55#/35#)

then: 4 push ups, 8 kb swings…..6 push ups, 12 kb swings


24 thoughts on “beginning of the end”

  1. Looking at the post, I apparently pretended that the WOD was written on the board as 2,4; 4,6; 6,8; … 18,20. D’oh.
    9 rounds (55#)

  2. Okay 6 AM ers The y’all count each round of kettle bell swings and each round of pull-ups as separate rounds? Is that how y’all counted 16 and 18 rounds?

    1. I was the only one to suggest dividing the last complete round of push-ups by 2 and recording that.
      Guess the math was too tough?

  3. Jason … Did 14… Got 14 pushups and 28 kb swings.. We were counting only complete rounds using the pushup number.. Sounds confusing

    1. So you got to the round with 14 and 28??? Ok we counted the rounds like 1,2,3 etc not which round the push ups started with

  4. Skill with 255# last one at 265#
    Amrap was 47…. Had to beat DJ!
    WOD was 9 rounds RX. Or completed round with 18 push ups/ 36 kb.. Depending on how you are counting it… Again had to beat DJ! That’s for giving me a good pace bro! You the man.

  5. Skill: Press 5×8- 40#, 50#, 55#, 60#, 60#
    Wod: 18, 36 (knee pushups and 25# kb)
    Finally feel like I have the energy to wod today. Feels good to be back.

  6. Skill worked up to 275#
    31 reps RX
    My back got real stiff after the skill so I subed Situps for KB Swings. Got 16-pushups and 32-Situps.

  7. *Now that I think about it, I’m not positive on the weight I worked up to during the Skill. It may have been 245 or 255#?!?!?

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