Beast mode!

12 – 9 – 11
Skill:      Max height “no-arm box jump”

  • waffle your fingers together either on top of your head or behind your back

500 m row
21 – 15 – 9

  • DB rows (45/25)
  • DB russian twists

100 DUs
– DB row standards: body must stay in a proper push up/plank position (No piking of the butt!!)
– Feet can be as wide or narrow as you like
– Post scores, loads and times to comments –
Don’t forget about our CFMC Christmas party tomorrow night here at 8pm!! Bring a toy for the Toys for Tots Drive, your own favorite batch of shots, and wear your Christmas PJs!!


11 thoughts on “Beast mode!”

  1. Lol Jason. I’ll post! Ok that’s all I feel like posting! I’m sad that no one brought me soup and only 2 people from the box checked on me! LAME FRIENDS!

  2. I had all my wisdom teeth taken out Wednesday. No big deal, just had to be put under and get cut on. . . I hate that I’m about to lose my excuse for eating ice cream everyday! 🙁

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