Be dubs

The new “paper, rock, scissors”


9 – 14 – 11

Skill:    Tabata Push Ups:

  • Will work for 20 seconds, and rest for 10 seconds for a total of 8 intervals
  • You will keep count of your reps during each interval
  • Score = lowest number reps completed during any given interval


500 m row

5 rounds:

  • 15 weighted russian twists (45/25)
  • 10 DB rows (45/25)
  • 5 burpees

1 mile run

– DB rows are to be alternating left and right arms every rep

– Both russian twists and DB rows are # per side

– We are using the new course for the mile run

– Post scores, loads and times to comments –


34 thoughts on “Be dubs”

  1. Great workout but not sure how to run the new course yet. We never saw the red sticker on the fire hydrant.
    Have no idea what time was but did the workout RX.

  2. There should have been a red dot on the 3rd hydrant toward the end of the golf course and we put one of our signs by it last Saturday as well, but I’m not sure if the sign is still there, but that is the 1/2 point

    1. I looked at all the hydrants and there was no red dot or sign. I know I ran at least a mile though because I measured it with my truck on my way to work.

  3. Skill: 5 (tip: don’t try and bust out 12 the first round)
    Wod: 31:10 (30) first time to scale up…even though Stefan made me.

  4. Skill started 18 and ended with 10!
    WOD: 23:25 RX and I either saw the red dot or created it! Coughed up a little bit of my jelly donut I ate at 10am. Not a good idea! Thanks for laughing at me Lauren!

  5. had to do modified workouts today, I jacked up my wrist last night playing softball
    skill- 15,15,15,15,9,9,8,8 (right hand on knuckles got hard quick)
    26:06 substituted ring rows for db rows, 30# RT

    1. I thought you weren’t playing softball Jason?
      If yall need a fast left handed batter let me know
      and I had a beautiful, and do I mean beautiful sliding catch Monday (I didn’t come up short this time, go ahead and make a short joke…)

      1. I got picked up by Lauren’s boyfriend’s team. I threw out 2 guys at home. But lauren’s boyfriend hit a walkoff 3 run bomb. So he got all the cool points for the day. Lol

  6. I couldn’t make it today, so I had to create my own version at home.
    50 situps with 5# ball
    5 rounds:
    25 russian twists (25#)
    20 db rows (25#)
    5 burpees
    1 mile run
    Time: 26:36

  7. I ran it this afternoon and found the red dot. I see how I missed it this morning though. It was on the side and small. I was looking on the front of the hydrants.

  8. So… I get sad and a little let down every time I log on to check to see what the WOD is for the next day…and not see it 🙁 ESPECIALLY because Im at work, alone, for 12 hours, and this is one of my forms of entertainment lol

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