Bath junkie

The ultimate test of elite fitness


10 – 18 – 11

Skill:     3 x 100 m sled pull sprints (45/25)


  • 1 mile run
  • 20 pull ups
  • 800 m run
  • 15 pull ups
  • 400 m run
  • 10 pull ups
  • 200 m run
  • 5 pull ups

– Post loads and times to comments –

– Everyone visit and check out what’s happening THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!! It’s going to be a blast! You all need to come join us!!


51 thoughts on “Bath junkie”

  1. WOD looks interesting to say the least. Btw, whose apartment or house is that in the picture w/ Stefan and Sabrina. . . quite the bachelor pad.

  2. I only did RX+ today because DJ said that he was going to. It sucked running in the cold this morning. I do not like cold weather.

    1. i said i might. but how many times will i have a chance to beat chuck norris? whether he was wearin a vest or not isnt the point. it still happened

  3. Soooooooo….who all is still going strong in our Burpee Challenge??? This is where it starts to get a little tough. Try your hardest not to miss a day because it will be another wod in itself to make up missed burpees. Does anyone feel like they are improving and becoming faster at them? We are over the halfway mark so hang in there!!!
    Garret – The picture was taken at our favorite lil surf bar in Galveston called Riptide.
    If anyone is ever just passing through stop in and tell them the Sunday Funday crew said Hi!

    1. Oh, got it. We’ve never even heard of that place and we’ve been to Galveston many a time. We’ll have to check it out next time. Thanks for answering my query.

  4. 25:19 purple band
    not a good time BUT I got my first RX pullup today!
    Think all I needed was my girl, Heather, back in the box with me.

      1. My goal was to be within 3 minutes of you, then I realized I could get under 20 minutes and pushed really hard on the 200m/5pu. You smoked me, but I’m totally ok with that. LOL

  5. ran a mile in 7:20 w/ 20 pound vest rowed 1000m and stretched. Shoulders were too sore from yesterday and day before to WOD. Stoked about my mile time, we should do a mile run for time sometime as a skill.
    Props to Lauren for RX’n her first pullup!

  6. Lauren I am so glad I was there when you got your first pull up. Glad I made you put that purple band up. I knew you could do it sister!!!

  7. I promised I would go today and now I wish I hadnn’t I’ll be there at five today if anyone wants to come watch me die….

  8. Sabrina- I am still going strong. I feel like I suck at my burpees everyday bc I either just finished getting my ass kicked by a wod…or I’m at home in front of the tv in my Pjs… But I think by the end of this they will be easier.

  9. Thanks so much you guys! Y’all are great to work w and it’s awesome to see everyone’s progress also! Never thought I would be a morning person lol, but I absolutely love being there! 🙂
    Also, awesome job on your pull up Lauren and keep up the good work w those burpees!

    1. I’d have to agree with everyone’s sentiment. . . though I don’t see you in the morning. . . the times I see you in the evening are great. You’re tough but fair and always encouraging.

  10. BTW. . . this WOD took me almost 22 min. So, I didn’t do great, but I’m by no means a runner nor am I that great at pullups.

  11. I agree that Sabrina is doing a great job. She is very encouraging and getting more comfortable coaching everytime I have been. I enjoy her classes.

  12. I did 18 min & some change – happy with that. I have decided Garrett & I don’t need weight vest we carry over 200lbs around every day.
    No sled time post? I did one in 17.5 seconds

    1. 51 Posts. . . .and I’m totally in agreement Alan though at the rate I’m going CFMC may take me under 200# at some point. My best sled time was 18sec

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