Bad news

12 – 12 – 11
GHD skill work

Max effort in 2 min.:

  • Overhead sledgehammer swings

WOD:     6 rounds with a partner:
AMRAP while partner runs 400m:

  • 5 push ups
  • 10 air squats
  • 15 sit ups

-Post scores and times to comments –


36 thoughts on “Bad news”

      1. Max GHD in two minutes would have sucked. I could not imagine doing that. We did max sledgehammer swings in two minutes and I actually lost count.

    1. I don’t think a high number would mean that much if you were not swinging hard every time. 61 hard swings would be a good number.

      1. I think I concentrated on hitting the same spot too much. Burt had a great alternating rhythm. I can see how his method could be effective for time and consistency.

        1. Burt is becoming a Beast!
          The sledge hammers are a fun workout and I need to go buy me one. I just tried to hit hard every time and didn’t think about counting.
          We need more partner WODs like this. It is fun to work with someone to accomplish something. It makes you try a little harder when someone is counting on you.

  1. love the new GHD, thanks everyone who contributed
    skill- 70 swings (10lb hammer) alternating arms is where its at
    WOD- Jason H and I were partners 11:38 was the altered time (16 rounds total)

  2. Today was awesome. I didn’t keep track of my hammer reps because, to be honest, all my concentration was spent on the actual skill. Not a natural movement for this girl.
    I’m. Obsessed. With. The. GHD. I’ll try not to hog it 🙂

  3. Naaman, glute ham developer. It’s a new piece of equipment at the box! It will tear your abs up quickly! I love it lol did you get to try it out?

  4. I must admit 5pm kicked butt.
    Skill: 44 for me. (10#) and I did complain about it.
    WOD: Marc Spinks and I dominated.
    10:46 with 12 Rds.
    I give props to Nathan and Stefan who so happened to finish ahead of us.

  5. 5 pm did kick some butt.
    Skill: 73 w/ 12# hammer (brought back bad memories from hurricanes)
    Can’t wait for the GHD to be in a WOD
    WOD w/ Stefan: 12:34 + 12 rds = 10:34
    Great race with Stephanie and Marc, neck and neck the whole time
    Love a good partner WOD to push yourself harder because you don’t just let yourself down if you slack

  6. Steph you did AWESOME tonight!!! It was a great race. Steph I’ll be your partner anytime kiddo! If stefan and I had gotten 4-5 more seconds each round we would’ve got thre more rounds in! So damn close everytime! That last run killed me. It’s hard to keep up with Stefan!
    Skill: 70 10#
    WOD: 12 rds adjusted time= 10:46 with Steph

  7. Steph you werent running you were sprinting those 400 meters! I font think I could’ve kept up with you. You guys were pretty fast!

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