Bad Moon Rising

Chilling at Hammer and Chisel. Who plans on competing this year?

20 min AMRAP
5 pullups
10 push ups
15 air squats

cooldown- 30 back extensions broken up into as many sets as you need.
This Saturday at 9am we will have our first stretching class! Come out and get your stretch on!
Some of you may have heard there is a dodgeball league starting up in Beaumont; here is some more info on that-
*I’m looking for 10-12 co-ed teams, each made up of around 10 people (5 will play a game, must have at least 1 female per game)

*There will be no entry fee this year since we are trying to build it up
*We will provide team shirts that teams may take and personalize as they wish but the main shirt will be uniform and teams will be color coordinated
*Games will be held on Saturday/Sunday during the day beginning the weekend of November 3rd, off the week of Thanksgiving, and finals the first week of December
*I am working on a prize package for the winning teams that should be pretty nice
So if you are interested please let me know and as soon as I get my official registration forms etc. I can get them out to everyone and we can get things going!
-Amber Woodard
Please comment below if you want to participate, if we have enough people we can nominate a team captain to get in touch with Amber.


23 thoughts on “Bad Moon Rising”

  1. I planned on taking Hammer & Chisel by storm this year! Then…. But definitely the best competition I ever participated in. If any of you guys are even considering it, do it for sure. It’s no joke that competition breeds excellence. Every competition makes you better.
    Miss you guys!

  2. 9 rounds RX….first time to do pull ups w/o band. I think I could have done at least another round or two but I ripped my hand after the 7th round. Getting better with those pull ups

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