Drop it like its hot


10 – 26 – 11

WOD:     “Stefan”

3 rounds:

  • 24 thrusters (95/65)
  • 24 burpees
  • 24 sit ups

Post loads and times to comments –

– Disregard yesterday’s post about Friday. WE WILL be having classes Friday, October 28 –

– Visit CrossFit Beaumont this Saturday at 9 am for a free mobility & flexibility class


51 thoughts on “Bacon!!!”

  1. “Stefan” looks nicer than “Eva,” but still looks like death.
    Maybe getting back to my routine was harder than I thought it would be.

  2. That’s a bunch of thrusters…. Too bad I’ll be at Spealler’s box in Utah tomorrow and Thursday, no telling what his WOD’s are going to look like. I am excited to spend the rest of the week in weather that will be high of 60/ low 30’s and NO MOSQUITOES!!! See you cats Monday!

  3. 17:57 RX
    Didn’t record my time for the cash out. I was just happy I made it thru without my jello legs collapsing.
    Good job 11:00!

  4. 20:45 75# then down to 65# no excuses, I just suck at thrusters
    5:00 on the cooldown though, felt like I redeemed myself a little

  5. 10 toes to bad
    400 m run
    20 russian twists
    200m run
    30 sit ups
    150m run.
    WOD-17:53 RX
    Cool Down-7:11
    THanks Stefan for the mid-WOD pep talk.

  6. 21:06 @ 50# I have got to practice my stupid squats. They are stupid! I feel like I spent a lot of time tryin to get my form right. Ah well. Thanks DJ for pushing me at the end!

  7. 18:00 rx….”stefan” is a fun bitch!! Dj….I will just blame your win on the home field advantage!! Also there is no E in my name fella….get it right!!!

  8. Just left Speallers box… Bad news Cassi and Nathan…. They are all out of shirts.. There on order, but they said you can get them online at
    Mine was a lot easier than y’alls ….
    Sprint 800m
    Rest 1 min
    Take 7 min to find 3 rep max of strict shoulder to overhead press
    Rest 1 min
    Sprint 800m
    And we’re at 4200 ft altitude

  9. 20:34 (65#)
    Burpees were by far the worst part but thrusters are starting to suck less now since i’ve been focusing on my form.
    and here’s a “Stefan” joke
    DJ and Damon made “Stefan” their bitch

  10. 21:00 85#. My back freaked out in the 3rd round. Took me 11 damn minutes to do round 3 cuz I had to keep stoping to stretching. Sucked. I was on a pretty good pace before that. I guess I worked stefan so hard I through out my back.

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