SKILL:  Rope Climbs and Weighted Strict Pull-Ups  WOD:  AMRAP in 8 min: 400m Run 50 Heavy Jump Ropes 20 DB Clean and Jerk (45/30)  Rest, Then  Death by Sit-Ups *going up by 5s 


SKILL:  Snatch Balance 5-5-5-5-5 Use a weight you’re comfortable with. No more than 70% of your max snatch.  WOD  “Kalsu”  For time: 100 Thrusters (135/95) Complete 5 burpees at the top of every minute  


SKILL: Clean and Jerk Work up to a max for the day, then complete two reps at 90% of today’s max. WOD: AMRAP in 2 min: 5 Box Jumps (30/24) 10 Deadlift (225/155) 15 Wall Ball (20/14) 20 Lunges Rest 2 min AMRAP in 4 min: 5 Box Jumps (30/24) 10 Deadlift (225/155) 15 Wall …

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SKILL: Press – work to a heavy set of 5, then complete 5 sets. All sets at the same weight. WOD: AMRAP in 20 min: 7 Pull-Ups 14 Air Squats 21 Double Unders *Run 200m at the beginning, the 5:00 mark, the 10:00 mark, and the 15:00 minute mark.


Here are the leaderboards for the Invitational side of the SETX Invitational and Open.  People will be invited to participate based on their scores in the Open.  There will be 2 males and 2 females invited from each of the 8 gyms in the area including us and our sister gyms: CrossFit Beaumont, CrossFit Bridge City, …

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