and i don't need no hook for this…

this can't be that bad right???

Time trial: 1k row
Deck of DEATH!!
Today we’ll have a team WOD!
Teams of 2-5 will go through a deck of standard playing cards performing body weight exercises.
Each class will decide which suits will represent which body weight exercise. You may choose from box jumps, push-ups, step-ups, burpee box jumps, V-ups, chin-ups, lunges, hindu-push-ups, sit-ups, etc., etc., etc. THE NASTIER THE BETTER!!
Numbered cards = that many reps.
Face cards = 10 reps.
Aces = 11 reps
Team members may help a struggling team member by taking some of their reps – so work together to support your teammates!


21 thoughts on “and i don't need no hook for this…”

  1. When a wod post ends with “the nastier the better”, you can be sure of a good time.
    As much fun as this sounds…I’ll be in NOLA drinking a very potent beverage missing you guys. Good luck!

  2. Oh fun stuff! Got to play cards last night in the bootcamp, but no teams.
    Jumping lunges, air squats, push ups, Russian twists
    Aces/Jokers= farmers carry

  3. So I have to say, I have never seen the “Sabrina I think I hate you” look in that many ppls eyes. Bootcamp last night and both classes today. I am going to take it as a compliment. Don’t worry I have done the Deck of Death before with Brian pre-CrossFit. IMAGINE that!!! I plan on doing it today as well. We will see how positive I am about it later tonight! Who is going to go to CFBC in the morning???

  4. Fun WOD? I think
    Push ups, sit ups, box jumps, Russian twists
    Jokers were plank hold high fives x20
    Did 10 burpees at every 5 minute mark
    Oh and I did the 1000m row we just won’t talk about the time

  5. 1k row. 329:1 pr!
    WOD ….
    Box jumps, situps, push press, push ups…
    Jokers… 20 back extensions
    10 burpees every 5 min

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