This is Alan. He is a man-beast

8 – 25 – 11
Skill:    Medball clean    3×5

  • This is not meant to be tough or difficult
  • It is to focus on technique for the clean

Bridge:      Tabata abs: (not for score)

  • Bicycles
  • Hollow rock

WOD:      “Grace”

  • 30 clean & jerks (135/95)

Cool down:
100 air squats with partner:

  • one partner must be in a handstand hold while other partner complete squats
  • switch as necessary
  • deduct 10 of your accumulated squats for every switch. (hint: try not to switch much)

– Post loads and times to comments –


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  1. 6:25RX. Not the best but a huge improvement for me. Great job Matt, sorry to punk you on the cool down but thanks for the help!!!

    1. how is that even possible? 3 minutes faster after you already did it today. Shows how much your brain can hold you back from what you’re really capable of

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