5 Sets of 1 Push Press + 5 Front Squats553312_10151618214817845_953091289_n
The Push Press will determine the weight for each set. Do a few warm up sets before starting your 5 working sets.
For Time:
Goblet Squats (55/35)


9 thoughts on “8/19/13”

  1. 135-150-165-175-185 on skill. 15#pr on front squats and I did it 5 times.
    10:20rx on workout. I suck at pullups

  2. Skill: worked up to 145
    Wod: 9:06 RX I hugged the fan a few times but did get all my pull ups unbroken. Was pretty happy with that.
    Come on Drew post that time!!! He killed it!! 5:??

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