9 – 15 – 11
Skill:     Snatch   5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

  • Increase loads each set


  • 20 1-armed KB swings (55/35)
  • 30 clean & jerk (135/95)
  • 10 turkish getups (55/35)

– The 1-armed KB swings do not have to be alternating
– Both the KB swings and turkish get ups are # per arm
– Post loads and times to comments –


22 thoughts on “784-219-0221”

  1. I like how this WOD is just Grace sandwiched between to other movements
    I feel like anything in the 5-7 min range will be beastly
    so what’s the deal with the number?!?

    1. My Googlebox says it’s a phone number in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines…
      Hello Muddah,
      Hello Fadduh.
      Here I am at
      Camp Granada.
      Camp is very
      And they say we’ll have some fun if it stops raining.

  2. Looks like someone was watching ESPN2 when trying to decide what kind of WOD to do for today’s workout. Jeezus, this looks rough. See you at lunch

    1. they replayed it at 1 last night, caught some of it… holy cow those guys are in sick shape… i got a long way to go! HA

  3. Wish we could do Grace 1st to try for new PR’s and then do the rest.. looks like another fun one, like my body not’s sore enough! HA!

  4. Forgot my time and had to sub push presses and superman for clean and jerks.
    Everytime I get too pumped up about a wod, I end up injuring myself. disappointing.
    I’m also disappointed that Damon can come in hungover as hell….and still kill a wod.

  5. OK—
    10 Bottle beers
    8 Vodka Redbulls
    3 hrs sleep
    glasses, because contacts wouldn’t go in
    tube sox
    Jason’s shoes
    Terrible hangover
    11:51 RX

  6. Small victories: Was able to do my first full pistol (on either leg) all the way today. Decided to go all Praying Mantis on a concrete post at work too. W00t
    My WOD however, not so victorious:
    13:57 (45#, 105#, 20#)

  7. Couldn’t make the 11am class so I wasn’t gunna go today. Got some down time around 6:30 and stoped in and watch.Decided to work out with the 7pm class
    22:01, rx, rx, 45# T~Get Ups, should have went ahead and used the 55. Had a tough time getting through the c&j…

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