WOD – 121107

WOD – 121107


DELOADING WEEK!  This week the lifts will be very light – use this as an opportunity to recover and focus on FORM!

Continue your 5-3-1 program. You can download the 5-3-1 Program spreadsheet here.


1a) 3 X 8 Bench Press – Heavy – Rest 30 sec

1b) 3 X 10  Glute-Ham Raise – Rest 30 sec

2a) 3 X ME Strict Chinups – Rest 30 sec*

2b) 3 X 10 Russian KB Swings – Heavy – Rest 30 sec

The Truth About Eggs

Eggs have acquired a bad reputation.  They have a lot of cholesterol!  They will clog your arteries!  In reality, they’ve fallen victim to shortsighted, inaccurate science that has lead a lot of us to forgo eggs entirely, or throw out the yolk and only eat the white.

In fact, eggs are not bad for you at all and the yolk is one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat!  Read cholesterol-and-health.com’s article about the nutritional benefits of egg yolks.

The author goes into detail about the nutrient of yolks versus the egg white and explains how eating egg yolks would alleviate many common nutrient deficiencies of Americans.  He outlines the essential fatty acids and other nutrients that yolks contain and explains why yolks do not cause heart disease.

Perhaps most importantly he reminds us that, as with all foods, we must be aware of where our food is coming from. Basically, we are what we eat. Eggs that come from unhealthy chickens will not be as nutrient dense as eggs that are from free range chickens and will not provide any health benefits.

The author provides us with studies and data from the USDA to support his claims and suggests websites to visit to help us find healthy eggs. Check out the full article here.