Rope Climbs

Weighted Dead Hang Pull Ups 5-5-3-3-1-1-1



For Time:

75 Power Snatch (75/55)

CrossFit Lumberton is hosting their first competition on April 27th. Spots have been filling up quickly so if you would like to compete you better sign up now! 


13 thoughts on “4/9/13”

  1. What up Vick good job man my Skill work I am still using bands but less then I used to Have to use But the WOD I got 4:40

  2. Felt like Tarzan swinging on the rope today, but I think I’ll be able to accomplish a real climb someday!
    Used red and blue bands for the dead-hang pull ups.
    WOD: 9:33 RX (only like my third time to RX a workout – pretty excited) 😀

  3. Wahoo. Used purple band today for skill work last set of pullups. Claimed the rope to top.
    8:56rx workout.

  4. 7:03 rx. Probably not correct though. I started out doing them from the hang. I got corrected after about 10 or so reps.

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