Find a 1RM Deadlift

For Time:
Cash In with 25 Burpees
3 rounds of:
15 Ring Dips
50 Double-Unders
Cash Out with 25 Burpees

This Saturday CrossFit Beaumont is holding a charity 5K, and it’s only $20!  This Crossfit 5K is being held to raise money for a bed at The Giving Field off Liberty St. Each bed that is built gives our local soup kitchens food to feed the homeless. The field also has different schools that come and see the steps of how to grow and harvest the food.  There will be a beginners and advanced division.  You have to sign up by April 5th so get with us ASAP to reserve your spot.  The first wave will begin at 7:30am. Hope to see you there!


11 thoughts on “4/2/13”

  1. Went to 405 on dl.. Tired to pr at 440 but couldn’t finish it… Still stuck at 435#
    WOD 12:05 RX…. Muscled up into dips

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