4 letter word…

WOD 01/02/13-
Thrusters 95/65
Pull ups
EMOM for 5 min- 20 medball situps


26 thoughts on “4 letter word…”

  1. Ha, u had me sweating mark! My last Fran time was 5:34! That’s an awesome time bro good job! Yea that set of 15 sucks!!!
    Want to see if I can butterfly through this tonight…. We’ll see

  2. Fran & I are not friends.
    Embarrassed to post, but if it helps anyone else my time was 8:07.
    The upside is that’s about a 30 second pr from a few months ago.
    Lots of endurance work to be done this year.

  3. 9:53 (55#)
    Regret not just throwing on that extra 10#… But I’m gonna redo it on my 30th bday on the 31st and hopefully beat my original 11 min pr.

  4. Lauren I think that is a great idea!
    I’ll be happy to do it with you again!
    No PR by no means. Way to cold.
    7:29 rx

  5. Well…. On my 3rd warm up pull-up I felt my chest pop again! Sux!!!
    So I did RANDY and hit 5:02 rx…. Last time I hit 4:47… An ok night I guess

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