Muscle Up Skill Work
This will be modified based on your current abilities.
If you can already do a muscle up you will either get as many as you can unbroken or go for your heaviest weighted muscle up.
If you cannot do a muscle up but can do unassisted deadhang pull ups and ring dips, then you will work on muscle up drills (jumping MUs, band MUs, ring drills, etc).
If you can’t do unassisted ring dips and pull ups, then you will do alternating sets of those (5 sets of 5) in order to build strength for a muscle up.


AMRAP in 10 min
10 Push Ups
15 Russian KB Swings
20 Hollow Rocks


The first workout of the CrossFit Open, 13.1, will be announced tomorrow. On Friday evening we will gather at CrossFit Beaumont to take on this WOD as one big community; to push each other and show ourselves that we can run faster, lift heavier, and go longer than we ever thought we could. Even if you don’t have aspirations of making it to The CrossFit Games come out Friday evening with aspirations to make yourself better. The first heat will start at 7:00.



18 thoughts on “3/5/13”

  1. Beaty Chiropractic, as a free service to the crossfit community, will be attending Friday Night Lights. If any athlete needs taping, exam pre/post WOD, or just need to have anything checked out please find Dr. Mark Beaty or myself. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there and lending a helping hand.

    1. I’m coming to sit on your back Ricky with a lil pony hat and chaps to see if you can get that last push-up!

  2. I’ve been a subbing machine lately. Subbed goblet squats for pushups. My shoulder’s still pretty sore. Excuses!
    4 rounds

  3. ^ Burt…. (The Pope of pull-ups) knocks out 12 mus-ups!! Nice work!
    Wod 6 rounds by the hair of my chinny chin chin. Was able to complete a few jumping muscle ups off a box. Thanks for coaching fellas.

  4. Austin didn’t show up w/his hat on….thank God!!
    4 muscle ups
    6 rounds + 2 hollow rocks(70# KB)
    Not quite the 7 rounds….hollow rocks slowed me down of sho!!

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