5k pic
Ten rounds:
5 Thrusters (115/75)
10 Pull-ups
100m Sprint
Rest 1 minute
Thank you to everyone that came out for Friday Night Lights!  We had a good showing from CFMC and a lot of people put up some awesome numbers.  Completing 13.1 is a feat within itself, and I’m proud of all those that did it.  And congratulations to all those that participated in the Gusher this weekend.  We had people from CFMC in every race: 5K, Half Marathon, and Marathon.  Keep up the good work guys!


25 thoughts on “3/11/13”

  1. 32:33 55# thruster. Even though my time is horrible I am proud of myself. That is the first time I have EVER rx’d that many pull ups in a wod. And I even got 7 unbroken. Big deal for me.

  2. So proud Heather! I know pull-ups suck for you like they do for me! That’s a huge accomplishment to do 100.
    Jeremy that’s an awesome PR!

  3. It was fun to watch the 630 boys race
    19:53 rx…..
    I guess Austin can thank the traffic for the 2 sec! J/k. Thought it was funny I beat u by 2 reps yesterday and u got me by 2 sec today

  4. 24:23 or 23:24 95# Thought I was doing good by not resting the full minute. Rest just feels weird in a WOD. LOL

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