WOD- as fast as possible

30 squat clean thrusters 155/115
Bridge– max effort KBS unbroken 70/55
Cooldown– mobilty stretching
Next event is the Halloween party this Saturday at CrossFit Bridge City.
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CrossFit Bridge City Halloween Party on October 27
If you are interested in playing dodgeball, sign up sheets are located on the table. Get with Stefan for details


9 thoughts on “2:48”

  1. Squat clean and jerks are acceptable guys, that was the original standard of this workout back in 08. This was the final workout in the 2008 CrossFit games where Jason Khalipa came out of nowhere to win. His time- 2:48

  2. I went into the workout knowing I couldn’t squat clean thruster for 30 reps. I didn’t pause between the clean and jerk to make it as thruster-ish as possible but I still redipped under the bar as I caught it overhead.
    Anyways, 7:45 RX that was a tough one!

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