BOBscoresThank you so much to everyone that participated in this month’s Battle of the Boxes!  Whether your name was turned in or not, you still pushed your fellow members and supported your team.  Thanks to all of you, we took home second place for the month of January, behind CFB by only 5 points.  We still have 11 more months to catch them, so keep showing up and fighting hard!  It’ll be the LAST THURSDAY of every month, as long as nothing else is in the way.  Proud of you guys, keep it up!!
Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1 at 90% of your max
5 Rounds
20 KB Swings
200m Sprint
Rest 2 minutes between rounds


9 thoughts on “2/3/14”

  1. good job guys, its been a week and already miss yall, I didnt get to tell everyone good-bye,but I guess I say it here. If yall are ever in the Salt lake City area let me know and come out to the gym (Crossfit Fission) for some fun.

  2. Thanks Kara for pushing me to try a mac this morning. Wish I would have had more time to keep going.
    350# 25 pr
    16:06 70#KB Row

  3. Scott. Dude. Sad to see you and your awesome feats of strength leave. Good luck with it all and keep crushing it buddy. Keep in touch!

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