Vick does work!
APRIL 4, 2012

Spend 10minutes working on Hand Stand Push Ups
REPS of Double Unders
*You will do 5 push ups to start the workout and 5 push ups in between each set of double unders*


28 thoughts on “izzy”

    1. 25:54 (half-and-half)
      DU’s came to me about halfway through, then disappeared. Had a good 20 consecutive once or twice, so I got that going for me… which is nice.

  1. Stefan was there at 6 am???? I always miss the good ones. Maybe I’ll do it at home. Stefan was really there at 6 am?

  2. In other news, I made the website! Sweet!
    WOD: I don’t wanna talk about it.
    Let’s just say I bought a jump rope today.

  3. I just did the math and that’s 1500 singles…WOW!!
    Sorry just thought I would throw that out there for all you math majors lol

  4. Still can’t get into the handstand position. So no luck on the skill.
    30:50 on the WOD, I completely underestimated this wod, that was 1650 singles!!!!!

  5. feel like i made some progress on double unders, but i’m not willing to go into time and scaling specifics. took me forever.

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