DELOADING WEEK!  This week the lifts will be very light – use this as an opportunity to recover and focus on FORM!

Continue your 5-3-1 program or see the board for a supplemental strength workout.  You can download the 5-3-1 Program spreadsheet here.


8 min AMRAP of:

5 Thrusters (95/65)

1 Shuttle Sprint

**A shuttle sprint consists of a 5m out & back, a 10m out & back, and a 15m out & back.**

Recording Progress

I know life can be busy.  As soon as class is over, you need to rush to home to take care of the kids, go to the store to purchase 3 gallons of almond butter for your “paleo pancakes,” cook dinner, post pictures of your fish lips on instagram, and still make time to watch the latest Justin Bieber youtube video before bed.  However, it is crucial that you take a few moments to record your score for the WOD.

Don’t have time to write the whole thing in your book right then?  Take a picture of the board with your phone, and then copy it into your book later. Another method is to store your results straight into your phone.  I use a program that syncs online called EverNote, that way if I lose or break my phone I’ll still have all my results.

What’s the big deal?  Although not every workout we do is repeated, a great number of them are.  Knowing how you are progressing is a huge part of the program.  Getting better times, more reps, and lifting heavier weights are all great motivators. You can’t know how far you’ve come if you don’t know where you were.