Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat + Jerk

10 minutes to find a heavy single then one complex EMOM for 5 minutes at 75-80% of your heavy single.


AMRAP in 12 minutes:
1 Muscle Up
40 Double Unders
2 Muscle Ups
40 Double Unders
3 Muscle Ups
40 Double Unders
Continue going up by one muscle up until the 12 minutes is up

*Substitute 2 chest to bar pull ups per muscle up


7 thoughts on “11/25/13”

  1. Skill: did power snatch+ squat snatch+ ohs because I did this complex yesterday. Worked up to 90#
    Used 70# for the emom
    Wod: 5 rounds + 9 dead hangs (subbed 2xs dead hangs for muscle ups)
    Happy Birthday Burt!!

  2. 185 on the heavy complex, 155 for the EMOM
    1 muscle up into the round of 8 on the metcon
    Thanks again for all the bday wishes guys!

  3. Happy birthday my friend…
    Skill up to 195#, used 155 on emom
    Wod 3 mu on rnd 5….. Ended up going to singles caused du’s were frustrating tonight

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