SKILL: Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean – 10 minutes to work up to a heavy set of the complex then complete 3 sets at that heavy weight.

150 Wall Ball (20/14)


11 thoughts on “10/1/13”

  1. I was just looking at the website to see what kind of fun stuff y’all are doing tomorrow and I see my face. I miss y’all and CF like WHOA.

  2. I remember Karen. I also remember Harris yelling at me “don’t stop YOU WILL FINISH” then for two days after that not being able to walk or sit on the toilet. See y’all at 4:30.

  3. Lmao mike that seriously just cracked me up!!
    That’s didn’t go as planned I guess 4 days of benchmarks took its toll.. HollyMan, Fran, Annie now Karen
    Wod 7:17 rx (Needed under 630 to pr)

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