Goat slain, well done Alika

“CrossFit Total”
1RM Back Squat
1RM Shoulder Press
1RM Deadlift
Notes: Take ~3 heavy attempts on each lift. The lifts must be completed in the order they are written (3 BS, 3 SP, 3 DL). Take ~15mins per lift. rest as long as you’d like between sets.


28 thoughts on “1000?”

  1. it is obvious that I need to work on my squats and dead lifts
    squat- 280#(5#pr)
    press- 165#(10#pr)
    deadlift- 315
    CF Total- 760

  2. Squat 315# 30#PR
    Press 160# 15#PR
    DL. 445#, I can’t remember if this is a 15 or 30# PR, buts it’s for sure a PR.
    CF Total=920#….
    Really glad to be back after a month off. And btw Barron in Beast!!!! Great Job

  3. I don’t even want to post my numbers now! I’m up against some monsters.
    Squat- 290# (15# pr)
    Press- 140# (5# pr)
    Deadlift- 435# (30# pr)
    Total- 865#

  4. 300 squat 435 deadlift 215 shoulder press I was a globo gym spectacle total 950 I want to do it in front of Stefan or Burt so it really counts

  5. BS: 225# (-20 PR) I’m doing something wrong here, apparently.
    SP: 120# (-5 PR) Standard variance I would assume, not being 100% fresh.
    DL: 345# (+40 PR) Almost had 360 but let go before I could lock out my hips.

  6. Correction my BS max was 285# last time and my DL Max was 435# in April. I think I got it rite now, but who knows, lol

  7. So awesome to see everyone’s improvements and PR’s today. Big PRs!! Since I can’t max out I did
    5 rounds:
    200m row
    Complex of 1 snatch, 2 OHS (65#)
    Adding a complex each round

  8. How much different us a sitting down press to a stand up they would not let me drop weights from standing so my strict was a sitting

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